our shared vision

Alliance Values

Values for the Alliance define our shared vision for the way election departments across the country can aspire to excellence. These values help us navigate the challenges of delivering successful elections and maintaining our healthy democracy. Alliance values are designed by local election officials, designers, technologists and other experts to support local election departments. The Alliance is committed to high integrity, comprehensive preparedness, voter-centricity, proactive transparency, and continuous improvement.

High Integrity

We are ethical public servants committed to fair, accurate, and secure elections. We act with professionalism and nonpartisanship. We follow all local, state, and federal laws governing elections. We are responsible stewards of resources.

Comprehensive Preparedness

We build and implement plans to effectively administer elections, navigate challenges, and manage crises. We document written procedures to support secure and efficient processes. We establish controls to prevent and detect errors—and when they occur, we are able to identify and correct them. We address the unexpected and support voters in the case of an emergency.


We provide voters with an exceptional election experience. We deliver excellent service to make voters feel confident as they participate in the democratic process. We help voters navigate all stages of voting, from learning about their options to verifying their ballot was counted. We make voters feel welcome and support voters with different needs and barriers to voting.

Proactive Transparency

We engage our community and other stakeholders to support understanding of the election process. We communicate information about elections so it is readily available and easy to access. We identify and pursue opportunities for public education on election processes. We invite observers, answer questions, and provide verified public information.

Continuous Improvement

We pursue opportunities to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of election operations. We prioritize professional development to build capacity and learn from new approaches. We seek feedback from our team, the community we serve, and other stakeholders to inform changes. We collaborate with election departments, both in our state and across the nation, to share resources, support each other, and celebrate our successes.