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The Alliance is designed by local election officials, for local election officials.


Supporting each other, sharing best practices, and rallying around a set of nonpartisan standards for election administration

The Inaugural Cohort

The inaugural cohort of Centers for Election Excellence is a diverse group of U.S. election departments representing communities that range from more than 1 million voters to fewer than 3,000. Centers join together to support each other, share best practices, and shape a new set of nonpartisan standards for the field. Their work will uplift and advance the profession of U.S. election administration for years to come.

Election Office Benefits

The Center cohort program is designed for what election departments need, when they need it. We start with identifying the election office’s unique challenges and goals, then, where permitted, we provide them with customized resources, coaching, implementation support, and grant funding to advance their nonpartisan goals related to  improving the voting experience. Finally, they have access to a supportive network of other Centers across the country who are equally committed to excellent election administration.

Voter Benefits

Local election officials are the experts on what their voters need, and the Alliance works with each Center to fill in the gaps. Examples of voters benefiting from the Alliance include assisting Centers with:

1. redesigning a required form to help ensure that voters can more easily and accurately complete it
2. funding the purchase and renovation of an election operations building to improve election security and accessibility

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Introduced to the world at TED2022 and with funding catalyzed by The Audacious Project, the Alliance is a five-year, $80 million program to envision, support, and celebrate excellence in U.S. election administration. 

Launched in April 2018, The Audacious Project is a collaborative funding initiative that’s catalyzing social impact on a grand scale. Housed at TED, the nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading, and with support from leading social impact advisor The Bridgespan Group, The Audacious Project convenes funders and social entrepreneurs with the goal of supporting bold solutions to the world’s most urgent challenges. The funding collective is made up of respected organizations and individuals in philanthropy, including the Skoll Foundation, Virgin Unite, The Valhalla Charitable Foundation, ELMA Philanthropies and more. The Audacious Project works with the Science Philanthropy Alliance to identify and vet high-quality basic science projects. Each year The Audacious Project supports a new cohort. The 2021-2022 recipients are The Center for Tech and Civic Life, ClimateWorks: Drive Electric, Code for America, Glasswing International, The International Refugee Assistance Project, myAgro,  Noora Health, The Tenure Facility, and Woodwell Climate Research Center.