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Brunswick County

Blue outline of the State of North Carolina with a red outline showing Bunswick county.
  • Population: 152,000
  • Registered voters: 124,000
  • Local election authority: Board of Elections (appointed)
  • Full-time election staff: 6
  • Brunswick County Election Website

Brunswick County is located in North Carolina, where it’s part of the Myrtle Beach metropolitan area and is situated along the Atlantic Ocean coast. The county seat is Bolivia, and the largest city is Leland.

The economy of Brunswick County is diverse, with key industries including tourism, real estate, construction, healthcare, and education. The county is known for its beaches, golf courses, and retirement communities, which attract tourists and retirees alike.

Brunswick County is home to several attractions, including Bald Head Island and the historic town of Southport, known for its charming waterfront and small-town atmosphere.

Overall, Brunswick County, NC, is a growing coastal county known for its diverse geography, strong economy, recreational opportunities, and attractions. It is a popular destination for tourists, retirees, and families seeking a coastal lifestyle.