Town of Greenwich

Blue outline of the State of Connecticut with a red outline showing the town of Greenwich.
  • Population: 63,000
  • Registered voters: 38,000
  • Local election authority: Registrars of Voters (elected)
  • Full-time Election Staff: 5
  • Greenwich Election Website

Greenwich, Connecticut is a large town with 63,000 residents living in its 48 square miles. Its small city size is belied by its numerous village centers which are reflected in its enviable public school system.  In addition to its public schools, the town has dozens of private preschools and nursery schools, a parochial school, and six private day schools. Almost forty languages are spoken by the diverse student population.  Colleges and universities in the region, such as The University of Connecticut, Yale, Fairfield University, and the nearby New York universities offer a variety of post-secondary program options.   

Greenwich enjoys an extensive shoreline on Long Island Sound.  It has a mix of medium density neighborhoods and bucolic low-density tracts. Located just 28 miles from New York City, the town is known as the Gateway to New England. Mass transit serving New York City is available from four train stations in Greenwich.   

The first town in Connecticut to adopt a Representative Town Meeting (RTM) form of government, Greenwich is divided into 12 districts with elected representatives in proportion to the numbers of registered voters in each district.  The influx of registered voters in the 1930’s rendered the traditional New England open town meeting impractical, but with 230 members Greenwich’s RTM is the largest legislative body in Connecticut. The other principal governing bodies are a three-person Board of Selectmen and the Board of Estimate and Taxation.  The First Selectman is the only full-time salaried official among these officials.  Numerous volunteer boards and commissions which oversee the business of the town foster a culture of civic engagement. 

Recreation facilities are an attraction for residents new and old.  Town facilities include four boat marinas, two community centers, and four beaches (two of them on islands and reached by town-operated ferries.  Private clubs and associations offer riding, golf, tennis, boating, swimming and skating.  Clinic and competition programs are sponsored by the town’s Recreation and Parks Department and nonprofit organizations.