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Poll worker recruitment

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Poll workers are the face of the election and contribute to public confidence in the voting process. When we think of poll workers, we think of the election judges, booth workers, precinct officials, or board workers who serve in voting locations on Election Day or during early voting. This is one of four standards that define excellence in poll worker programs. This draft standard will be updated based on feedback from the election community.


Your election office recruits enough poll workers with the skills and competencies to successfully support voters in casting their ballots. To achieve this standard:

  • You hire enough poll workers to staff all voting locations, including accounting for no-shows. 
  • You recruit poll workers that have the temperament, skills, and competencies to successfully carry out their responsibilities.
  • Your poll workers represent the experiences and background of your community.

Why this standard matters

It is important that we are explicit about the underlying why for each standard. While not attached to measurements, the intended impact of an election department achieving this standard is that:

  • Voting locations will have enough poll workers to effectively carry out election administration duties. 
  • You won’t have to find last minute poll workers or rely on poll workers who are unable to perform their basic responsibilities.
  • The public will have a reliable in-person voting experience where poll workers are able to perform their responsibilities and provide a smooth voting experience for all voters, regardless of their needs.